Container Terminal Service


BMTP provides a comprehensive arsenal of services to suit our customers’ varied cargo handling needs for import and export of both containerized and conventional cargoes. We’re also well-equipped and specially trained to handle all classes of dangerous goods, except 1.1, 1.2 and 6.2. Additionally, we offer fast and efficient on-site customs clearance for even shorter turnaround times. Backed by the latest equipment and top-of-the-line facilities, our well-trained staff provides flexibility, professionalism and the highest quality services.


We offer:

  • Loading and unloading services for bulk goods and containerized goods on and off vessels
  • Stuffing and unstuffing services for containerized cargo
  • Weekly feeder services connecting to Singapore for transshipment
  • Specialized experience, facilities and equipment for handling chemical products and dangerous goods
  • Seven days of free storage for import and export cargo
  • 24/7 operations
  • On-site paperless customs clearance and EDI

Backed by the best equipment and facilities:

  • Three Liebherr mobile harbor cranes with twin lifts, total lifting capacity of 120 tons and lifting rates of 25 moves per hour
  • Top loaders and reachstackers with 42 tons lifting capacity
  • 3,000 ground slots with 100 reefer plugs
  • On dock container storage and other cargo storage facilities
  • Facility and equipment for handling special containers, automotive and heavy lift cargo


  • 3 units Mobile Harbors Crane (guarantee 25 TEUs moves per hours per cranes)
  • 4 units of top loader
  • 8 units of reach stacker
  • 42 units of prime movers & 85 units of road high chassis
  • Various types of forklift attachment
  • 30 units of various sizes and type of forklift




Other Services

Barge Shuttle Service

Daily barge shuttle service between LCH to/from BMTP


Specialized in handling chemicals, products.

Inland Transportation

Fully owned and authorized transport licenses for handling DG and Chemical products by trailer and truck.